Technical Mumbo Jumbo – Accidental Comment Filtering

Like most blogs on the internet, this one exists in a great deal of obscurity. But I am fortunate that the few readers that do come by take the time to write thoughtful comments. Some of those readers maybe wondering why their recently submitted comments haven’t shown up.

Apparently, my comment spam filter was auto-deleting comments it had labeled as spam. Usually it lets me double check before deleting – and in the past I’ve found many false positives. If your comment was one of the ones that was accidentally blocked because of this – I apologize. Unfortunately, there is no way for me to recover those already deleted comments.

Because of the small readership this blog has, I’ve left comments unmoderated. If you leave a comment it should post right away. The only reason it won’t is unless it’s been identified as spam. Apparently, a blog can never be too small to be targeted by spammers.

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