Life Slowly Returns to Normal in Dhaka City

I kid you not – people are cheering on the streets and in their homes nearby. The reason? The electricity has come back to my little part of Dhaka City. Power has been coming and going spoardically throughout the city today. I was in a part of a city called Mohakhali DOHS earlier today where the power came back for about an hour in the afternoon. Although, the place where I live didn’t have power restored at all until just now. I hope it lasts.

What surprises me is the determined nature for Bangladeshis – at least those in Dhaka City – for things to go back to normal. If this had happened in America – this would be declared a national emergency. TV shows would be pre-empted and this would be covered 24/7. But, for the brief hour I had electricity today, it seems that even local TV stations didn’t bother to pre-empt their programming to cover the damage from the storms. Anyone lucky to have electricity today didn’t have to worry about missing their “Natooks” (local versions of soap operas).

The same can be said for my relatives. One of my aunts lives in Mohakhali DOHS. When I was visiting her today, I noticed that my socks were getting wet from the living room carpet. When I asked why, she casually explained that the entire ground floor of her house had flooded because of the rain water. She had spent the entire morning cleaning it up and had forgotten to dry the carpets. She said it all nonchalantly – as if this was nothing more than having to wipe up some spilled milk.

Bangladesh just had a storm that killed at least 240 people (at current count). Why is everyone trying to get back things to normal so quickly and not mourn the tragedy that has come to this country? I’m still not sure if this attitude is callous or a way of coping.

Aaaand the power just went out again while typing this blog post. Well, guess things aren’t going back to normal just yet.

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