Low Bandwidth and Load Shedding

Alright, here’s the latest episode on YouTu – oh no, no wait…

…. this might take a while.

I’ve mentioned before that trying to upload to YouTube from Bangladesh is an exercise in self-flaggelation. Especially for 100+ meg files, it usually takes a day or more to upload. Since the internet connection sometimes cuts out, that means I can’t upload my videos directly to YouTube (although, I always foolishly try). Usually what I do is FTP the videos to the uncultured.com webserver space and then have a friend upload the episode for me. To date, some of the episodes have been uploaded by friends and family from places like Seattle, Chicago, Toronto, and Denmark.

Unfortunately, slow internet speeds are just half the story. Before a video can be uploaded I have to edit, render, and compress it. The ever increasing power outages make that really hard. There are days when I’m just sitting around waiting for the power to return so I can get my laptop running again. It used to be the power outages would last no longer than the battery life on my laptop. Now, even with a backup UPS, my video editing is often cut abruptly short. I’m not the only one suffering. Kathy, at Nari Jibon, is finding the power outages tend to shut down most operations in the cyber cafe she runs as you can see in this video:

This video runs about 30 seconds. Which, given the internet speeds and power outages, is really all you can safely upload these days..

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