Dead LaCie Update

LaCie Disk Drive News Update

Two days after my LaCie died, I decided to try once again and try and get it to work. Imagine my surprise when the blue light on the front came to life. It was working again! Although, it was all too fleeting: the performance was flaky, the drive wouldn’t always mount, and – eventually – it died once again.

It’s really starting to look like I’m going to have to fly home to have this fixed. So what’s the plan?

Well, first off, I’m checking with the airline that I originally flew in with to see if I can use my old return ticket. It’s long expired but they haven’t completely ruled out the possibility of being able to renew the ticket (for some fee). If that works out, than I might have an inexpensive way to return home and get this fixed.

Afterwards, if I fly back, I’d like to come back in September. I was hoping to have at least one (important) video up on YouTube before I flew back. Given my lack of harddrive space I foolishly – but out of necessity – started using the LaCie again once it started working again. I was able to back-up some old data, but I lost some new stuff I was playing around with.

I used to be a LaCie guy – all my external harddrives used to be from them. But since then I’ve become a Western Digital fan. As you can see in this photo, the Western Digital external harddrive – on the same setup as the LaCie – seems to be doing just fine.

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