Why Save the Children Sucks

Haha – April Fools! Anyone who knows me knows I’d be the last person to say that Save the Children sucks. In fact, I didn’t have the heart to even fake trash talk them for April Fools’ Day. So, instead, I’d like to write about why I’m such a big believer in what Save the Children does.

Growing up, I never heard of Save the Children. Here in Canada it’s eclipsed by the much better known (but smaller) organization called Free the Children. In America, I’ve seen people confuse it for Feed the Children – an organization whose founder is accused of taking bribes and hoarding pornography.

Accused Founder of Feed the Children

I learned about Save the Children through Bangladeshis. What surprised me the most was how positively Save the Children was regarded. It’s surprising because Bangladesh is a country where there is a great deal of skepticism and even hatred for NGOs.

"Aid is an industry... and it's not the poor people who profit." - a common sentiment among many Bangladeshis of all income levels. Many villagers also have a saying that "NGOs taka kai fellay" or "Charities eat the cash"

I was able to see what people liked about Save the Children first hand in 2007. Just before Thanksgiving, Cyclone Sidr hit Bangladesh. The devastation was immense. I was able to volunteer with an international NGO and head to the disaster area to see what I could do to help and report.

What I saw when I got there will haunt me forever. I’m not just talking about the death and destruction. Rather, some of the most shocking things I saw were the questionable and sometimes unethical conduct of seemingly prestigious NGOs and charities.

Screenshot of a rough cellphone video I took. This NGO (which I will not name) was purifying water fast enough so there was never a line. But they stopped giving out water for several hours for a line to form so that a VIP could have a photo-op. More over, instead of normal procedure, disaster victims were forced to wedge themselves and squeeze between a small gap between two buildings (seen near top center) in order collect their water bottles. Why? Because the VIP didn't want to leave base camp.

I can’t mention names (without being sued to oblivion) but one award-winning international NGO decided to stop giving out clean water for several hours so that a line would form. They wanted a line to form because some VIP wanted to have a photo op handing clean water to cyclone victims.

At one point, I was able to temporarily get my hands on the DSLR of a UK-based NGO. I downloaded the photos and – to my shock – found photos taken at point blank range of crying children as they were getting surgery without anesthesia. Their pained faces, taken perhaps, to be used in future guilt ads.

Downloaded from a DSLR of a charity based out of the UK. This photo was taken by sticking a camera in a child's face as he was getting surgery and first aid without anesthesia. Now I know where this organization gets its images of crying children to use in its ads.

I also found an incredible amount of NGOs which were unwilling to share anything with other NGOs. Not even information. Many NGOs pressured me to be silent (and not blog or speak) about where and when relief line riots broke out. They feared they would look bad and wanted me to shut up.

"If I want something off the record - I simply won't let it come out of my mouth" - Nick Downie of the Save the Children Alliance

In the midst of this I discovered Save the Children. I got to spend but one day with them. In that one day, I learned this was an NGO I would want to support and endorse for the rest of my life. And it all started because I met one of their employees by the name of Nick Downie.

Nick had a simple policy: if it came out of his mouth – it was on the record. This was the first time I encountered such transparency in an NGO. Of course, Nick had rules on how long I could film children that were under the care of Save the Children (and how to do so respectfully) – but everything else was an open book.

If you’ve followed what I’ve been doing with Save the Children you know that, since then, I’ve been fortunate to do a lot of projects with them. I’ve teamed up with them to help in disaster relief, provide lasting clean water, rebuild a school, and support health workers.

Save the Children estimates that, by the end of 2011, thanks to you guys I will have helped over 14,000 children in Bangladesh in over 100 villages. That’s not even including work I’ve done with other organizations. And all I am is just some guy (not an employee) with a blog, a camera, a cellphone, and internet connection.

What I can tell you is that, in every village I have been to and every project I have done with Save the Children, my respect for the organization grows. And whether it’s April 1st or not, if you’re in the mood to donate to a charity, Save the Children should be on the top of of your list of charities to donate to.

47 Responses to “Why Save the Children Sucks”

  1. 1 Nickgreyden

    Shawn, I have followed you for quite a while now. I’ve heard horror stories and ethical violations etc and even stories of those meaning well, but causing harm. I would love to see a blog post or a summary or something along the lines of warning signs or what to look for or questions to ask and whom to ask them of when dealing with charities. While I’d like to think I’ve learned a little something from you and from a few inquiries, I can’t imagine what you have learned in your work.

    So please, for us, and for those to whom aid is needed, inform us. What should we look for and what should we be wary of. And for me, who to ask. As I’ve stated in another blog of yours, the few questions I do have are greeted with silence, stuttering to an eventual “I don’t know”, or in the tone of “How dare you ask us what we do”.

  2. 2 jovee

    Hi Shawn,
    Thank you so much for introducing Save the Children to the youtube community. Because of you, I was able to learn about Save the Children and all the work they do around the world. I have actually started a fundraising page for Save the Children. I am not sure if it is you, but I may have stumbled across a fundraising page you made? The fundraising page includes a celebrity that we all have seen and heard about way too much this past few weeks? Anywho if its not you ignore what I just said. 🙂 Keep up the awesomeness!

  3. 3 Paul Adams

    This is really a great effort. No child was born to die. All are born to fun. All childern deserve happy, healthy childhood. This charity provides the childern happy and healthy environment…
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  4. 4 Anonymous

    Shawn, could you explain your opinion of why the CEO of Save the Children is justified in taking $450,000 a year from the charity? Wouldn’t the organization be better off with someone who actually believes in the cause? I’ve asked that from one of their for-profit sidewalk fund-raising partners (i.e., just an unemployed kid), and their only reaction was they thought there was “something fishy” going on.

  5. 5 Shawn Ahmed

    Hey there anonymous user with a fake email address. The first thing I’d ask before responding is why you think Save the Children should operate any differently from any other organization.

    Are you a fan of World Vision? Their CEO earns $370,000 a year. Keep in mind they have CEOs in each Western nation (e.g. Australia, Canada, England, etc etc) each earning a comparable salary.

    Are you a fan of the Red Cross? Their CEO earns $440,000 a year. Don’t believe me? All this data is clearly listed as a matter of public disclosure and is readily available on sites like Charity Navigator.

    Now once we’ve established why you think Save the Children should operate differently from these other organizations, I’ll ask you what does “believing in the cause” have to do with “earning a living”.

    Take me for example. Save the Children pays me nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. A big zero. But I live with my parents. They pay for my rent, they pay for my food, they pay for this internet connection, and they even pay for my haircuts.

    Do you expect every employee of every organization to live with their parents like I do? You probably don’t. But perhaps, instead, you merely feel that this salary is too high. Well, again, I’d like to ask why you think Save the Children should run differently than any other NGO.

    I should also point out that “believing in the cause” isn’t enough credentials to run an NGO. An organization like Save the Children has offices in every major developing nation. They deal with countless different cultures, religions, governments, ethnicities, and security threats.

    If the CEO makes a foolish decision, people may get hurt. It could be employees, it could be the poor. If the CEO just “believes in the cause” but has no management skills, donor dollars can be wasted.

    In order to find someone competent to run a multi-million (or billion) dollar international organization you need to find people with competent skills. Not just people who “believe in the cause”. Those people will need to take the time to earn skills and know-how in what they do.

    The current CEO of Save the Children has multiple higher education degrees. Those degrees weren’t free. They cost money. Student loans. And then the CEO, like all NGO CEOs, had to climb the ladder and earn skills. And like all adults, they have some sort of family/relatives to invest in and support.

    I’d suggest that, if you want to donate to causes where people don’t get paid a salary, I’d suggest donating to a church. But, having worked with church groups, things can be as expensive. For example, Senior Ranking Catholic Priests in Bangladesh get regular all expenses paid international holidays.

    Don’t get me wrong, attitudes like yours are far more prevalent in places like Bangladesh. And I think there are ways to address this. Educating donors is one. But also reaching out and doing things in new ways so as to build bridges with the poor (and local skeptics) is another. 

    Oh, and P.S.. The CEO of Save the Children doesn’t earn $450,000. You inflated it by MORE than $100,000. If something “fishy” is going on – it’s your math.

  6. 6 Shawn Forde

    Hi Shawn,

    I’ll start by saying that I don’t have anything against Save the Children. I just follow you on Twitter and came across this post/comment. 
    I can’t speak for aaa000, but I think your reply doesn’t address what I would see as the main concern. 

    Your main argument is that other NGOs are paying their executives comparable amounts, so Save the Children is justified in doing the same. In some sense this is valid, but I think it is superficial and doesn’t get at the bigger issues. 

    Does Save the Children pay all of its highly educated and indebted employees hundreds of thousands of dollars? I imagine there are a number of interns and volunteers at Save the Children who are highly educated and have high amounts of debt, but receive nothing. I imagine there are a lot of mid-level employees at Save the Children who are also highly educated, have substantial debt, and have families to support, but only receive a fraction of what the CEO receives.

    I don’t know that much about Save the Children, but I assume that broadly speaking, like many NGOs, they are concerned with social inequality. From this sense, it seems ironic that they are happy to participate in a system that rewards some people a disproportionate amount while exploiting others. Arguing that the CEO has earned their pay and that Save the Children would collapse without ‘expert management’ is the same line of reasoning that has resulted in CEOs and high level executives having their pay go up year after year, while most everyone else sees their pay stagnate. 

    That last bit about exploitation might be a bit dramatic as I am sure volunteers and interns at Save the Children benefit from their experience.

    My main point is that the argument that ‘everybody else is doing it’ doesn’t really address the issue.

  7. 7 Shawn Ahmed

    Hi Shawn,

    Kudos on your name and spelling of the name 😀

    If you want to do the social inequality argument than consider the following. The CEOs of Save the Children, World Vision, and Red Cross manage BILLIONS of dollars and operations around the WORLD.

    Now, if they were working for a FOR-PROFIT corporation doing the same function and supervising the same dollars, what would they get? A boatload more than what they make at their NGOs that’s for sure.

    On top of that, FOR-PROFIT CEOs get bonuses and stock options. If the CEO of Save the Children oversees programs that save 15 million kids in one year, what bonus will they get? If the CEO of World Vision helps respond to a disaster relief operation with efficiency – what’s their stock dividend return?

    The fact is all of these people have the skills to work in the for-profit world and be a for-profit CEO. They take a pay cut by not going for that bigger salary, why? Because they are not just CEOs – but they believe in the cause.

    The same is true for other skilled and salaried employees that work there. Each and everyone of them could get paid more in the for-profit world. They take the cut because they like the sector they are working in and believe in the cause.

    Now, that being said, I am sure there are other high ranking and skilled employees that get paid 6 figures. As they should. And I would also say that the inequality in pay per position is far far less than the for-profit world.

    And if you think you don’t need expert management with proper skills to run an international NGO, than google “Feed the Children” (not to be confused with “Save the Children” or “Free the Children”). The management by the CEO of Feed the Children and see how things went wrong and astray with that organization.

  8. 8 Anonymous


    I appreciate the reply. But I don’t appreciate that your evasiveness. I’ll address your points:

    1) I’m anonymous, because my argument in no way pertains to my identity. My email is real, and if you prick me, will I not bleed?

    2) The figure I quoted was total compensation: salary plus health benefits, 401k, etc. from the 2010 990 report on Guidestar.

    3) As the other Shawn mentions, I’m equally concerned about the Red Cross (where their previous CEO was getting over $2,000,000 in annual compensation) and I’m not familiar with World Vision, but if their CEO is earning a salary like that, then I’m concerned there too.

    4) You mention that donors (such as myself) should be educated. But you haven’t given me any reason, other than that all organizations (even churches with volunteer staff) spend lavishly. I’m not yet “educated” – please help!

  9. 9 Shawn Ahmed

    Anonymous guy, I fail to see how I’ve been evasive. At all.

    I guess I’ll respond to your latest comment with a question of my own.

    Is your objection that charity CEOs have a salary derived from donations?

    Or is your objection that charity CEOs are paid higher than you think they deserve?

    That is, if Bill Gates (or some other rich benefactor) were to cut a check to a charity CEO and say “this is specifically so you can live and raise a family – not for the poor”. Would you still object?

  10. 10 Anonymous

     So you’re saying you don’t see what the problem is. What’s your salary?

  11. 11 Shawn Ahmed

    No, I’m saying there isn’t a problem. And I already told you my salary is $0. Unless you count Google AdSense. In which case, I just checked, Google says it estimates my earnings for today to be 3 cents.

    So, as someone who will be earning so little today, let me just say I (of all people) see the value in fair compensation. 

    If I took the time to get the same higher education degrees as the CEO of Save the Children and climb the ladder and learn the inner workings of the organization so that I could be an effective leader and properly govern the running of a multi-billion dollar charity, I too would want to be fairly compensated.

    Because, fact of the matter is, if I went to the for-profit sector with the same effort and skills I’d be earning millions a year.

  12. 12 Shawn Forde

    Back at you with the name…don’t find a lot of W’s.

    I agree with you about your arguments regarding NGO salaries and private sector salaries, but I don’t think it is a justification for high CEO pay in NGOs. I am also  sure that the Save the Children executives are experienced and good at their jobs, but most jobs have their own sets of challenges and require certain experiences, training, and skills. Valuing the job that CEOs do above others is an arbitrary distinction. I think the bigger issue is how NGOs are basically reproducing  the same for-profit system that you could argue contributes to inequality. Your loyalty to Save the Children is not that much different from any kind of brand loyalty – for example, arguing that Nike is better than Adidas. Save the Children is in the business of helping people, but it is still a business and it is a business that is grounded in a system that creates inequalities. Why do NGOs have to follow the same basic model as the business sector? How much time and money is wasted in competing for employees with organizations that are trying to do similar work, competing for funds with organizations that are trying to do similar work, branding your organization to differentiate it from organizations doing similar work.

    I would also challenge your assumption that unequal pay per position is less in NGOs than in the private sector. I think NGOs leverage their causes and use people like yourself to do a lot of work. Corporations can’t do this to the same degree. You may or may not consider yourself an employee of Save the Children, but you do work for them. I think there are a lot of people out there doing work for NGOs that receive no monetary compensation.

    Not sure if I’m making any sense. Maybe just rambling. 

  13. 13 Shawn Ahmed

    Hey again Shawn,

    First and foremost, I don’t work for Save the Children. One could argue (but I wouldn’t like to phrase it that way), that because Save the Children receives money from ME that I collect, that they in fact work for me. Like I said though, I don’t like that analogy because Save the Children really exists to serve those in need. But I only mention this because I definitely don’t work for Save the Children.

    Secondly, I guess I don’t understand what you’re proposing. Are you saying that NGO high ranking officials, experts, etc get “paid too much” or that this payment comes from donations from the public? If a rich benefactor gave a grant to an NGO specifically for wages, would you feel so strongly?

    And what are you proposing as an alternative? That NGOs by run like a Kibbutz? That NGOs only hire those willing to work for self-esteem and shout-outs? That all NGOs merge into some mega-NGO and act with as one? 

    If you’re going to offer criticism, than make it constructive criticism. What do you think is better than the current model? And how could that realistically be implemented in today’s world? 

  14. 14 Anonymous

     Aw, Shawn, your naivety is adorable. Your points, if I understand correctly:

    1) nonprofit CEOs are highly skilled

    2) these skills are transferable to the private sector, where they would earn top pay

    3) highly skilled people are motivated by money, so therefore need top pay to convince them to stay in the nonprofit sector

    Therefore, their compensation is “fair.”

    I question each of those points. But rather than getting bogged down, let me ask a related question. If the CEO of Save the Children doesn’t want to donate his $349,999th dollar to the charity, why should I donate my $99,999th dollar? Since I have fewer, a dollar means more to me than it does to him. He’s choosing to *not* save an awful lot of children. I’m choosing to *not* save fewer.

  15. 15 Shawn Ahmed

    Overall, I don’t mind discussing this topic with you. If I don’t respond ASAP it’s because the weekend is here and I’ll be away from my computer. But, here are my points:

    1) I disagree on your 3rd point because, ALL charity employees (including CEOs) get paid significantly less than what they could in the for-profit sector. But I stand by point #2 because I know a lot of individuals working at NGOs that came from the for-profit sector… and took pay-cuts for the privilege.

    2) You still haven’t answered my question. Is your objection that they get paid “too much” or that their salary is derived from public donations? For example, if I was a super rich multi-billionaire, and the salaries came out of my pocket with my consent and not your donations – would that make you happy?

    3) Connected to the above point, with every major INGO having similar practices, is your goal simply to not donate? That is, are you using the salaries as an excuse not to care about this issue and not donate to experienced organizations successfully helping save lives?

    And, finally, I’d like to re-iterate I really don’t like answering questions (especially ones where I’m accused of being naive) to anonymous individuals. To quote the brilliant Neil Gaiman, if I can’t answer your questions anonymously – why should you be able to ask them anonymously?

  16. 16 Shawn Forde

    Hi Shawn,
    Sorry for not proposing a constructive solution, but I don’t believe criticism always has to be constructive. I think it can be part of a discussion that allows people to question what they are doing. I think this process can be constructive.
    I understand you don’t work for Save the Children, but you are doing work for them. Your labour contributes to the organization.
    My main point is that I think the NGO system is flawed. I know this conversation was the result of CEO salary, but I believe that’s only one small part of the issue. Save the Children has to pay their CEO a large salary because they need to ‘compete’ with other charities. These CEOs find ways to help their charities out-compete other charities.
    I believe NGOs should be stop-gaps, temporary. Save the Children’s goal should be a world without Save the Children, but the system they operate in and perpetuate, and this includes their pay structures, functions in sustaining and promoting their existence. 

  17. 17 Shawn Forde

    Hi Shawn,
    Sorry for not proposing a constructive solution, but I don’t believe criticism always has to be constructive. I think it can be part of a discussion that allows people to question what they are doing. I think this process in itself can be constructive.
    It’s just a small point, but I understand you don’t work for Save the Children, but you are doing work for them. Your labour contributes to the organization.
    My main point is that I think the NGO system is flawed. I know this conversation was the result of CEO salary, but I believe that’s only one small part of the issue. Save the Children has to pay their CEO a large salary because they need to ‘compete’ with other charities. The CEO finds ways to help Save the Children out-compete other charities.
    I believe NGOs should be stop-gaps, temporary. Save the Children’s goal should be a world without Save the Children, but the system they operate in and perpetuate, and this includes their pay structures, functions in sustaining and promoting their existence. 

  18. 18 lloydc1234

    I think I will just hand out a few dollars to the homeless I see along the road. At least I will “SEE” where it goes whether or not the recipient deserves it.

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  21. 21 Devin Hanley

    Shawn, I thoroughly enjoyed your article, and of course am also a big fan and supporter of save the children. However I am also a fundraiser for save the children, you should think about changing the name of your article to something more positive. I say this because I am confronted daily with people wanting to research save the children. I realize that it is an April fools joke but if somebody looking to donate to a charity types “save the children reviews” One of the first things they See is “why save the children sucks” Once again I admire your story and I’ll truism. Just food for thought

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