Islam 101

I’ve been writing a lot about Islam lately. The reason is because,  in the realm of aid and development, I don’t think Islam is properly understood. This matters because quite often the communities, countries, and individuals that aid and development is meant to assist are Muslim.

Yet, we live in a world where some of the largest organizations have gone to court for the right never to have to hire or work with Muslims. We also exist in an online space where discussions of aid and development exclude Muslims because the tone and language of these conservations foster groupthink and exclude minority (especially Muslim) voices.

But what is Islam? Well, instead of citing a religious scholar, I think my friend John Green summarizes Islam pretty nicely in this video. If you have 13 minutes to spare, it’s a must watch:


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  1. 1 Vicki Lawn

    I love this video! Thanks for writing and sharing!

  2. 2 kat tor

    the video showed one of the five pillars is zakat—this is a kind of “tax” on unused wealth—it is to be used for the benefit of the community—but today, in many countries, these funds are not well managed. If this financial resource was managed well—it could make a difference at a community-wide grass- roots level. What is really needed is a vision and a management system for this resource. Because zakat is obligatory charity—this funding is replenished every year. (apart from obligatory charity, muslims also have voluntary charity…..)

  3. 3 Anim Hossain

    This is a very enlightening video. thanks for sharing 

  4. 4 Ami Khola Janala

    Only islam can give you peace.

  5. 5 Kurt Erb

    Islam is a lunar stone cult. That makes it fundamentally different. There is a substantial difference between solar (egyptian, roman, solar calendar) and lunar cults (e.g. kelts, islam, lunar calendar). Robert Graves explains the cultural effects.

  6. 6 Shawn Ahmed

    I like you. Combined with your other comment on this blog, it really seems like you know the differences between the major religions (albeit you calling them “cults”) and seek to find the root cause of their divergences from a pragmatic and social scientific perspective.

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