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Even More Honors for Uncultured Project

The Project for Awesome Video I made featuring Save the Children is in the Nonprofits & Activism section of YouTube. Right now, in that category it currently is:

  • The 76th Most Viewed of the Day
  • The 22nd Most Discussed of the Day
  • The 21st Most Favorite of the Day
  • The 10th Highest Rated of the Day


YouTube Honors for Uncultured Project


The video I made as part of Hank and John’s Project for Awesome ended up getting some honors. At the time I took this screenshot, my video Project for Awesome: Save the Children was the 89th most discussed video of the day (in the nonprofits & activism section), 66th highest rated video for the day (in the nonprofits & activism section), and the 91st top favorite video for the day (again, in the nonprofits & activism section).

These honors are amazing. But, being part of the nonprofits & activism category of YouTube means that these honors won’t be publicly accessible/listed – at least very easily. The nonprofits & activism section of YouTube is the only category that isn’t publicly listed in the videos tab of YouTube.

YouTube - Doesn't List Nonprofits & Activism

I would really love to be able to inspire others to start making more videos about making a difference (whether they go overseas or around the corner). But if they list it in the nonprofits & activism category – they may not get noticed, even if they get honored. Hopefully, YouTube will consider changing this in the future.

New Episode: Secret Project for Awesome

Nerdfighters FTW! DFTBA! Secret Project for Awesome! If you don’t understand what these mean, than consider this new episode on youtube to be just like a deleted scenes of my day with Save the Children. I couldn’t include everything in that 10 minute episode, so here is some footage that didn’t make that cut.

If you DO know what Nerdfighters are, or want to know more – check out this video. Countless YouTubers united today to make the world a better place – “reduce world suck” as they put it. These YouTubers call themselves Nerdfighters and its based off a phrase coined by the YouTubers called vlogbrothers. I definitely consider myself a Nerdfighter. 🙂 Vlogbrothers is a YouTube channel where two brothers decide to stop all text correspondence for a year (no email, instant messenger, etc). Instead, they decide to keep in touch through daily YouTube videos they create (each brother alternates). It’s a really neat channel and I regret only finding out about it so late.

If you are someone who wants to donate to a worthy cause this Christmas, for every dollar you donate – it will be matched by Sam Simon (The Simpsons co-creator). Your gift will go twice as far – but you have to donate before Dec 31st.